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Hello Hello :) Welcome to my blog that's not a vlog.

My blog mainly consists of Senyuu and anime. The occasional REAL LIFE HUMAN BEINGS but don't take my word on it.

I am a dork. My greatest goal in life is to get 2 cats and one dog (is that sad?) So if you have the same aspirations, don't hesitate to message me and we can talk about our life plans.

By the way, if you guys have ANY Anime or manga recommendations, feel free to message me about them.

Links of my tags are all in the down bar below. Where I stole all of the pictures you see here are also in the down bar.


me trying to boil water



kids that look exactly like one of their parents are so weird, it’s like they’re the lowercase and uppercase versions of a person



I forgot just how much I love this movie

The. Best. Scene.


I completely forgot how sassy Salem the cat was xD

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